10 best shows you can watch on Disney Plus right now

OTT platforms are taking over the entertainment world, one TV show at a time. From beloved TV shows that are part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe to ones that expand the star wars universe, Disney+ is a platform that has a lot to offer audiences of all ages and preferences.

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Apart from TV shows, movies and trailers are also a very important part of this OTT platform. While Disney+ provides its audience with the latest releases, it also allows them to indulge in nostalgia by streaming some of the most popular and fan-loved Disney Channel content.

ten Vampire Mockumentary (What We Do In The Shadows)

what we do in the shadows nandor colin robinson nadja guillermo

An American comedy horror series that pokes fun at the nature of documentary shows, What we do in the shadows is a three-season television series from Jemaine Clement. What we do gives the audience a glimpse into the daily life of a few centuries-old vampires, who have lived together for over 100 years, and their familiars.

An enjoyable treat for hardcore sci-fi fans, What we do depicts the struggles of these vampires as they adjust to modern life on Staten Island.

9 TV God of Mischief (Loki)

Loki learns a horrible truth about Loki

Part of the MCU, Michael Waldron Loki follows the titular character played by Tom Hiddleston after escaping with the Tesseract, also known as The Cube. As Loki steps out of his brother’s shadow, he is thrust into a different world that challenges his entire notion and understanding of reality.

Loki lives up to his title as the God of Mischief throughout the series. Overlay MCU Phase 4 base, Loki is a promising and interesting watch for fans around the world.

8 The Aftermath of the Fall of the Galactic Empire (The Mandalorian)

The Mandalorian - Grogu looks cute.

The first long version live TV series star wars world of Jon Favreau The Mandalorian broke the internet for a particular Baby Yoda meme. A western space, The Mandalorian takes audiences back in time and explores the journeys of a lone gunslinger following the fall of the Galactic Empire.

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A welcome addition to the star wars universe, this fan-favorite TV series is action-packed and thrilling, if a bit slow-paced, and takes audiences on an adventure like no other.

7 It is better to leave some questions unanswered (What if…?)

Nick Fury from Episode 3 of What If...?  TV shows

Part of MCU Phase 4, What if…? is a series that sets up some of the most important events in MCU history with a major twist and asks the question: what if? Fans are divided when it comes to What if…?as some view it as highly entertaining while others view it as mere convenience for the fans.

Although criticized for its concept and seemingly illogical plot, this anime series has been praised for its animation, special effects, and voice acting.

6 Space Westerns and Star Wars (The Boba Fett Book)

Boba Fett and Mando take on the Pykes

by Jon Favreau Boba Fett’s Book came as a treat for the star wars fandom. A spin-off from The Mandalorianthe events of Boba Fett’s Book take place after Return of the Jedi (1983). Boba Fett’s Book follows Boba Fett, a crime lord and bounty hunter who was featured in The Mandalorian.

Boba Fett and his accomplice, Fennec Shand, travel to Tatooine and attempt to make a name for themselves in the galactic underworld by taking over the place that once belonged to Jabba the Hut.

5 Love in the Time of Political Troubles (Snowdrops)

Snowdrop poster

snowdrops is a K-drama set in 1987 after the end of the authoritarian Fifth Republic of Korea (when dictatorship was replaced by democracy). snowdrops follows two university students who meet by chance and fall in love.

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Starring Jisoo (Blackpink), Haein Jung, and Inna Yoo, this influential TV show portrays political turmoil, personal issues, and romance in a compact and punchy way. However, there has been controversy surrounding snowdropsaccusing him of historical Holocaust denial.

4 The most beloved British band of all time (The Beatles: Get Back)

The Beatles: Get Back, a new docu-series on Disney+

Produced and directed by Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Come Back is a docuseries that follows the making of the Beatles’ hugely popular album, Let It Be. Return uses original studio footage that was shot in 1969 for Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 feature film So be it.

This docuseries touches the hearts of fans in the most distinguished way. Showing the internal conflict and struggles the band faces in their creative processes and personal lives, Return is a “documentary about a documentary”.

3 A Horror & Comedy Anthology Series (Just Beyond)

Adapted from R. L. Stine, Seth Grahame-Smith’s graphic novels of the same name just beyond is a comedy horror anthology series starring Mckenna Grace, Izabela Vidovic, Malcolm Barrett and Gabriel Bateman. Whether it’s covering up cruel actions with mannerisms or uncovering long-kept secrets, just beyond is an eight-episode treat for cult horror fans.

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Unlike the typical run-of-the-mill horror show that sticks to a single trope, this critically acclaimed show has everything from psychological horror and gory monsters to magic, witches and alternate universes.

2 A Time Travel Musical (Intertwined)

Disney+ Intertwined

A magic bracelet carries the musical-obsessed teenage protagonist of intertwined (The Spanish title being Interlaced) until 1994, when his mother and grandmother performed as part of the musical theater group Eleven O’Clock.

Allegra, the protagonist of this Argentinian comedy-drama series, wants to be part of the Eleven O’Clock group despite the protests of her mother, Caterina. A musical series, intertwined is all about unexpected time travel, generational family drama, teenage angst, finding your true self, and everything in between.

1 Podcasts and crime (only murders in the building)

only murders in the hulu building

An instant hit created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, Only murders in the building is a 10-episode mystery comedy series starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short. The three protagonists witness the murder of resident Tim Kono in their building and begin to investigate.

As they privately examine the events of the night leading up to the incident, they begin recording and releasing a podcast documenting their investigation and efforts to uncover shady activities and events undertaken by the residents of the building.

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