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Fans are eager for more information on Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but so far all they know is that Disney is going ahead with the movie and it may or may not star Johnny Depp or Margot Robbie. Unfortunately, that’s not much to go on, so pirate fans will have to wait to see what outrageous sword battles and barely believable escapes they can expect when the movie hits theaters.

Of course, the fantastic plots and unrealistic characters are part of what keeps fans coming back for the pirate movies, but Disney was sure to include historical tidbits in their works as well. While the pirates of Pirates of the Caribbean the films are often larger than life, the pirates’ clothing, pets, sailing skills and values ​​all come from the true history of the Caribbean Sea. private soldier asked fans to vote on which historical inspirations they found most surprising, and the result is a litany of interesting pirate facts that helped develop everyone’s favorite scallywag story.


ten Parrots were common pets for pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean Cotton

Hackers are often depicted with a parrot or monkey in popular media. Pirates of the Caribbean also embraced it, with Cotton’s parrot and Jack the monkey joining the others as some of the audience’s favorite characters. However, pets on pirate ships are not just a stereotype.

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According Vallarta Pirate Ship, pirates were known to keep a few animal companions on board with them. Parrots, monkeys, and even cats and dogs were valuable on ships because they could be trained to perform simple tasks for their owners. Additionally, they could help the crew by keeping rodents under control, as even pirates prefer not to have rats in their food supply.

9 Pirates wore a lot of jewelry

Jack Sparrow looks off camera in Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow is never seen without jewelry adorning his fingers, neck, and hair, and other pirates in movies are also often decked out in brilliant intricacies. This style choice is a common stereotype, as are eye patches and tricorn hats.

Dark Atlas explains that hackers generally found the safest place to keep their valuables was directly on their bodies. Hiding buried treasure was not as common as is believed today, and if a pirate wanted to prevent his gold from being stolen, it was more practical to carry it all at once.

8 Pirates really favored rum

A big part of Jack Sparrow’s journey has been the endless search for rum and the complaint that it was always gone. However, for real pirates and sailors in general, rum was much more than a gourmet drink.

Vallarta Pirate Ship revealed that sailors would add rum to their water supplies to sterilize it on long sea voyages, ensuring the crew would be safely hydrated. It was called grog and was an essential part of sailors’ rations. Additionally, pirates would often add lime to add a bit of flavor, and it quickly became a favorite drink as well as a necessary one.

seven Port Royal was a real place

Elizabeth was the daughter of the Governor of Jamaica during its occupation by England. The Governor and his family lived in Port Royal, where Jack first met the couple who would cause him so much trouble and where the Black Pearl would arrive in search of the last lost Aztec gold coin.

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Port Royal itself was truly the capital of Jamaica once upon a time. Dark Atlas reveals that the city was a favorite port for pirates in the 1600s. The abundance of pirates in this port earned it a reputation as a city of wickedness, leading many to believe that the destruction of the port in the 1690s by a earthquake was divine intervention.

6 There really was a pirate code

pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow pirates code

In Curse of the Black PearlElizabeth managed to protect herself using the knowledge of the hacker code after being kidnapped by Barbossa, the friendly villain of Pirates of the Caribbean. It turns out that even pirates have a certain level of honor, as they often went to great lengths in the film to enforce this law.

The rules Elizabeth referred to as being laid down by Captain Bartholemew Roberts were, more or less, historically factual, for Knowledge Pirates. They described how pirates should interact with each other on the ship and how important decisions should be made. However, individual ships or fleets often voted on their own code, drawing inspiration from Roberts’ version.

5 Tortuga was a pirate’s paradise

Tortuga in Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl

In Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack brings Will to Tortuga to build a crew. The island was described as a pirate’s paradise, where sea robbers could trade, take on extra sailors, drink, and enjoy various other pleasures. Will was slightly disgusted by the display, but Jack called it home.

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Tortuga is, in fact, a real island which is currently considered part of Haiti. However, during the era of piracy, Tortuga was colonized by both the English and the French and was often used to target Spanish cargo since Spain dominated the surrounding islands. For this reason, pirates were tolerated on Tortuga as long as they left the French and English alone, as they often contributed to the sabotage of Spanish expeditions.

4 There were several female pirates

Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean wielding sword and smiling.

Pirates of the Caribbean has included a few female pirates in his films, such as Anamaria, played by Zoe Saldana, and Angelica, played by Penélope Cruz. While the pirates in the movies were hesitant to take a woman on board because of superstitions, they were often treated with the same respect as the male pirates, with Elizabeth even being crowned king.

According history.com, female pirates were also not unheard of in reality. While mainstream society made it difficult for a woman to earn a living and survive on her own, hacking was much more inclusive. Two famous female pirates were Anne Bonny and Mary Read, who both had to dress up as men to earn a living before turning to piracy and living more authentically.

3 The pirates avoided the fights

Jack fleeing the cannibal tribe in Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow has proven time and time again that he is a skilled fighter who excels in strategy. However, his greatest skill was evasion. One of his most iconic quotes in Pirates of the Caribbean was, “we have to fight…to flee”, and he repeatedly demonstrated that this philosophy was his favorite.

While modern legends of piracy revolve around brutal battles, experts believe that this is more likely the result of the hackers’ efforts to avoid combat. Unnecessary battles only put the lives of the crew in danger and risked damaging the cargo the pirates sought to steal. Thus, prominent captains like Edward Teach were known to spread rumors of their brutality to entice sailors into surrendering when they saw their colors.

2 The films depict real combat maneuvers of sailors

Some of the audience favorite scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean are battles between opposing ships. In one such scene, Elizabeth knew The Interceptor wouldn’t be able to outrun The Black Pearl, so she ordered the pirates to drop anchor, which caused the boat to suddenly rock and face the pursuing ship. .

The website Nautical identified this as a true navigational maneuver known as “club carrying”. It could be used in many ways to quickly change a ship’s direction and help it gain a better angle on an enemy or help a smaller ship escape from a larger one.

1 The Brethern Court was a real organization

Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End - Elizabeth Swan - Jack Sparrow

In At the end of the world, the audience learns about The Brethren Court, an organization of pirates who first came together to bind the goddess Calypso in human form. They would meet again in the film to decide what to do with the dangerous alliance between Cutler Becket and Davy Jones.

History according to British reveals that there really was a similar organization, known as the Brothers of the Coast. The court was founded in the early 1600s by French, English and Dutch pirates to organize against the Spanish Empire, which exercised extensive control over the Caribbean and its islands.

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