A Saudi tourist drives a Maserati up Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps

The man was caught after returning the car to Milan Malpensa airport.

A moment worthy of a movie was caught when a Saudi tourist drove his sports car up the iconic Spanish Steps of Rome.

According to Newsweek, the incident took place earlier this month. In the footage, the tourist is seen descending the Spanish Steps, seemingly lost and confused. He is also seen stopping halfway up the 135 steps, getting out of the car with a torch in order to take a closer look at his surroundings. Then the 37-year-old foreign national, who has not been named, drove his rental Maserati down the stairwell and fled.

The Saudi tourist rented the car in Milan and then drove to Rome. His illegal maneuver caused material damage to the monument.

According to CNN, in a statement, Rome’s heritage protection body said the car had caused fractures on the 16th and 29th steps of the right flight rising from the Spanish Steps. He added that some marble fragments have been temporarily glued back “to allow immediate reopening for pedestrian passage”.

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Additionally, the statement also said Cultural Heritage technicians are assessing the economic damage from the accident, considering that they also found “chips, scratches, abrasions and widespread deposits on both ramps on the second level, attributable to the same event”.

Take from Facebook, police said the 37-year-old was arrested by police after returning the car to Milan Malpensa airport a few days later. Thanks to the video, the cops were able to identify the car and wait for it at the car dealership at the airport. The luxury sports car was also damaged by the steps, allowing authorities to identify it when the man returned it.

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Now the Saudi tourist has been charged with aggravated damage to cultural heritage and monuments. He will have to pay a fine for the repair of the steps and the sports car.

Edward K. Thompson