Boston man allegedly robbed bank for months before getting out of jail, feds say

A Boston man is charged with robbing a Cambridge bank about four months after his release from state prison.

“Give up all the hundreds! A flight from the 50s! is the note Jamall Copeland reportedly gave to a TD Bank teller at 1270 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge. Authorities were reportedly able to remove Copeland’s latent fingerprint from the note when he fled the scene with $1,450 in currency, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

Copeland, 49, of Boston, was released from a state pen in December but was federally charged on Thursday with one count of bank robbery following the April 27 incident. He was first charged on May 5 and arrested on May 23, according to court records. U.S. Magistrate Judge David H. Hennessy ordered Copeland’s detention pending trial.

Copeland has an extensive criminal history, including charges of murder, kidnapping, drug and firearms offences, armed robbery and assault with intent to murder, court records show.

The feds say Copeland walked into the bank around 1:45 p.m. and asked a teller, in heavily accented English, if he could open an account there. The cashier asked if he spoke any other languages ​​and he said “Spanish”, so a Spanish speaking cashier came over to help.

This cashier told the Feds that the Spanish he spoke was heavily broken and that Copeland was unlikely to be a native Spanish speaker. The FBI agent who wrote the affidavit said bank robbers often try to disguise themselves – even their voices – and there is no record that the suspect spoke anything other than English.

Copeland then allegedly said to the first cashier, dropping the mock accent, “That’s what I want you to do” and handed over the request note. The cashier allegedly spent more than $500 in large bills and another $80 with a built-in GPS tracker, according to the court doc. The second Spanish-speaking cashier reportedly handed over $500 and then called 911 when the suspect exited.

The GPS tracker and the remains of a $20 bill were found just outside the bank, according to the court doctor.

United States District Court Filing

A December 2021 photo of Jamall Copeland, 49, of Boston, who the feds have charged with robbing a bank in Cambridge on April 27. (Based on a Federal Court filing)

Edward K. Thompson