Colonial Spanish and Colombian coins are the stars of the Sedwick Treasure Auction May 27-29

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A multitude of gold and silver shipwreck treasures as well as a selection of Colombian numismatic rarities will be in the spotlight from May 27 to 29 in Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC in line 27 Treasures, World Coins, U.S. Coins & Banknote Auction.

As usual for this great auctioneer of Spanish colonial hardware, the Sedwick auction features many pieces from famous shipwrecks, such as the Spanish plate fleet from 1715, 11 ships that sank on July 31, 1715 off the east coast of Florida carrying gold and silver coins to their destination Spain. Featured in the 1715 Fleet this time it is a Lima, Peru, in gold cob 8 escudos dated 1703 (lot 10), classified NGC MS 62 and estimated at US $ 20,000 and over. It was previously sold as unclassified in the 2003 Tampa sale of the seized wreck treasure. This coin is so rare that even the collection of 1,715 Florida State Fleet coins lacks an example.

A pair from Seville, Spain, in gold cob 2 escudos, one each from the famous wrecks of the Atocha and Saint Margaret, sunk during the same storm in 1622 (lots 45 and 46). The Atocha 2 escudos is dated 1615 with the initial of a clear tester and is noted PCGS AU50 while being accompanied by its original Mel Fisher certificate. His estimate is $ 10,000 and over. The Saint Margaret 2 escudos is undated but also has the same D tester and is noted PCGS MS61 with its The Treasures of Mel Fisher, LLC certificate included. His estimate is $ 6,000 to $ 9,000.

Although not a coin, a Colombian gold bar recovered from the Atocha is also a highlight. In a way, it acted as a form of money in its day by allowing the transport of a large sum of value from the New World gold mines to the Spanish treasury. The long bar in this auction weighs 669 grams and has a marked fineness of 20.75 carats with 10 partial king revenue stamps Philip III. The bar was previously sold under lot 95 during the Christie’s Atocha and Saint Margaret sale in June 1988. His Sedwick auction estimate is $ 35,000 and over.

One of the finest collections of Colombian coins assembled, the Nueva Granada Collection, depicting Colombian rarities from the Spanish Colonial Era to the Republic period will appear in the World Coins section of the auction. A key rarity is the Bogotá, Colombia, 8 reals pillar dated 1770VJ graduated PCGS MS65. This coin is the thinnest classified in the PCGS census and is finer than any other classified by NGC. His estimate is $ 35,000 and over.

Colombian collectors will also want to watch the auction’s selection of Colombian banknotes. More specifically, the 10 pesos issued in 1883 by the Bank Estado Soberano de Bolivar in Cartagena will appear as lot 1341. The note is noted PMG XF 40 and is one of only two copies known today. The estimate is $ 7,000 and over.

Other highlights of the auction include:

– Lot 1291, a Mexican Gold Cross from Tepeaca – Second class military decoration from 1821, genealogical from the J. Coolidge Hills collection and from the archives of the American Numismatic Society. Estimate: $ 25,000 to $ 37,500.

– Lot 60, a large silver bar from Oruro, Bolivia, 8 lbs 9.92 troy ounces, class factor 0.8, from Atocha (1622) and pedigree at the 1987 Caesar’s Palace auction Estimate: $ 20,000 to $ 30,000.

– Lot 4, in Mexico City, Mexico, gold cob 8 escudos, 1714J, NGC MS 64, from the 1715 fleet, the finest known in the NGC census. Estimate: $ 15,000 and over.

– Lot 23, a Lima, Peru, gold cob 8 escudos, 1697 / 6H, NGC MS 64, from the fleet of 1715. Estimate: $ 15,000 and over.

– Lot 478, in Mexico City, Mexico, silver cob 8 reales Royal, 1727D, NGC VF details / plugged. Estimate: $ 15,000 and over.

– Lot 854, a Medellín, Colombia, half peso, 1868, PCGS MS62, the best known in the PCGS census (and not listed in the NGC census), pedigree of the Nueva Granada collection and plated in the pieces of Jorge Emilio Restrepo de Colombia (2012). Estimate: $ 15,000 and over.

– Lot 790, a Popayán, Colombia, gold bust 8 escudos, Charles III (bust of Ferdinand VI), 1761 / 0J, NGC MS 62, the most beautiful and unique copy of the NGC census. Estimate: $ 10,000 and over.

– Lot 963, in Quito, Ecuador, or 4 escudos, 1836FP, NGC MS 61. Estimate: $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.

– Lot 1232, a Seville, Spain, double excelente gold, Ferdinand-Isabel, NGC MS 64. Estimate: $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.

– Lot 1154, in Lahore, British India, rupee original nickel proof, George VI, 1947, PCGS PR63, the best and only example of the PCGS census. Estimate: $ 3,500 and more.
– Lot 1048, a half-crown proof of Great Britain, 1746, George II, VICESIMO on edge, PCGS PR63. Estimate: $ 4,000 to $ 6,000.

– Lot 439, in Mexico, Mexico, silver cob 3 reales, Charles-Joanna, “Early Series”, gothic assayer R, NGC VF details / saltwater damage, from the 1554 Fleet, pedigreed to the Potomac collection. Estimate: $ 3,500 to $ 5,000.

– Lot 793, a Bogota, Colombia, gold bust 8 escudos, Charles III, 1776JJ, PCGS MS64, better known in the PCGS and NGC censuses. Estimate: $ 3,500 to $ 5,000.

– Lot 1311, a continental $ 2 coin, May 10, 1775, PMG Choice AU 58 EPQ Star, best known in the PMG census. Estimate: $ 800 to $ 1,200.

– Lot 1355, a Guatemala, Banco Colombiano, 20 pesos, 1901, PMG Fine 12, the most beautiful and unique copy of the PMG census. Estimate: $ 2,500 to $ 3,750.

All four sessions will be held May 27-28, live online at A fifth express session will follow on May 29. Bidders are encouraged to register in advance for the

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