Enrique ‘Felipe Lobos’ Murciano says he’s gotten at least three jobs since taking office thanks to Courtney Kemp


Earlier this week, Enrique Murciano, who played “Felipe Lobos” in the original Power, was a guest on Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo.

During the episode, Murciano talked about how he would forget his lines and his makeup artist Anita helped him with his lines.

“Anita was a big part of my job in what I did with Lobos because every morning I was talking to her. I go to work sometimes I don’t know my lines. Okay, I won’t ever be hired again, but I’m sitting in the makeup chair with Anita, “My little coconut, does that sound good? Anita helped me do Lobos,” said Murciano.

“We always used to toy with the idea of ​​a Lobos prequel called ‘Poder’, [which is Power in Spanish]also because she [Courtney Kemp] was smart. While I was in the first season, I was already playing your show [Ghost] she was planning an empire, I was whatever coffee you want. She likes that it’s cool that I’m writing an empire… It’s Courtney’s world that I live in. I love her too and not just on our show she helped me get at least three jobs through Courtney after working with her because people called her and said what do you think of Enrique ? She’s like hiring her, I love her.

Since leaving Power Universe, Murciano has been featured on shows such as Bloodline, Tell Me Your Secrets, The Black List, Briarpatch, and Pancic, to name a few.

Edward K. Thompson