FSG have £3bn to convince Jurgen Klopp to sign new contract with Liverpool

For some time now, the date of 2024 has been looming on the horizon, a year when Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool contract comes to an end and it had long been suggested that he would end his remarkable tenure as Reds manager.

The heights of victory in the 2019 Champions League and 2020 Premier League were followed by the challenges of trying to maintain their dominance during a pandemic, playing in front of an empty Anfield. The absence of fans has plagued every club, player and manager, but for a manager with such a special bond with supporters as Klopp, a bond where they often carried the Reds over the line when needed, those empty seats were a big plus. drain.

Klopp’s passion for what he does, his players, Liverpool Football Club, the fans and the city itself form the foundation of his success, something which, together with his status as a world-class manager, has been a heavenly game. But as questions persisted during the pandemic over what he would do when his contract expired, perhaps he was catching Klopp at a time when thinking about football long-term during such a grueling time made it difficult to understand the do indefinitely.

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The fans have returned, the passion has returned and form and confidence have returned to Liverpool and Klopp and his charges are now marching towards an unprecedented quadruple and having hinted that 2024 will be the time when he and Liverpool say their goodbyes There is renewed energy to extend his stay at Anfield beyond this date and to oversee a key period of transformation for the Reds as they seek to cement their position at the top of world football.

Given the softened stance reported by Klopp, Fenway Sports Group will know that there is no other candidate better placed to succeed at Liverpool in the present and future than Klopp, a man they had identified there. long ago as the best person to steer the ship and make better use of the tools that would be provided by FSG’s more business and analytical approach.

Klopp enjoys a good relationship with Mike Gordon, chairman and second-in-command of FSG and potential long-term successor to John Henry at the helm. This relationship will mean that Gordon will be in a good position to know if the door is open for the German manager to have an extended stay, which, like the supporters, the FSG would very much like to see.

Klopp was of central importance to the FSG who grew their empire through Liverpool’s exploits on the pitch. Liverpool were a Champions League rarity during the early years of FSG’s reign at Anfield but have since become a fixture, reaching the final in 2018, winning it in 2019 and on course to reach another final in 2022 This return to Champions League football and sustained success in the Premier League has earned Liverpool hundreds of millions and was a major factor in seeing their value rise from the £300m that was paid in 2010 to a club which is now worth more than £3billion.

Klopp once again made Liverpool box office and brought them back to their glory days. All of this has come at a time when media rights have never been more valuable and football clubs have become even bigger global brands. Liverpool and FSG have managed to leverage what they have achieved on the pitch into financial rewards through larger commercial deals and key partnerships, such as the multi-year deal with Nike.

He was also the man capable of achieving what they wanted. Liverpool’s net spending under Klopp is around £130m, while Pep Guardiola’s at Manchester City has been close to £580m during his tenure at the Etihad Stadium. Liverpool’s transfer policy has been to sign players for lesser values ​​based on extensive analytical research into their place in the squad, building those values ​​up to selling them, as in the case of 142 million pounds from Philippe Coutinho who was originally signed for £8million. , or see them become world-class operators with the Reds, as seen with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Luis Diaz, signed for £49m in January, appears to be another destined to go the latter route.

Klopp managed to pull it off by spending less than his rivals, and that’s something that makes him one of the most valuable people FSG have in their side. His success may also have taken away some of the heat FSG have felt in the past for what has been a perceived lack of investment in the first team, with Klopp able to continue to deliver the results regardless of the lower spend. He’s also a big part of the selling point when it comes to courting new players or trying to renegotiate deals, he’s been the glue that binds them together in recent years.

While the contract situation with Salah could be another centered on how much Liverpool and FSG would be willing to pay, and with both sides having good reasons for their positions, there is no doubt that if there was someone that FSG would be happy to pay whatever it takes, that would be Klopp. But money won’t be the issue for Klopp to stay, it’s probably going to be something that would be sorted out very quickly and FSG would know they should pay him what he’s worth, and when you’re arguably the best manager in the world that’s a big number. For Klopp, however, the only hurdle will be whether he feels energized enough to circle the block yet again, to commit to one last long contract before taking time off. More famous European nights under the lights, more epic duels at the top of the Premier League and louder fan support will only serve to make the decision-making process easier.

Edward K. Thompson