Living history in a Spanish colony in Beverly Hills

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Site: Beverly hills, california

Price: $ 9.998 million

A 12-inch window may seem out of place in most Beverly Hills residences, but the one in this Spanish Colonial Revival-style home once served a unique function: keeping watch over police during Prohibition.

“This entire house was built as a house of prohibition,” said listing agent Eric Lavey of Sotheby’s International Realty Beverly Hills Brokerage.

Named the Chimmoro Estate in honor of the original owner, the grand Spanish colonial revival house was first built in 1926 by famous American architect Roy Sheldon Price. Yet despite its age, the residence remains alive with well-preserved period details and unique features, such as the original tiles in the entryway that feature small cat prints created by a stray feline nearly of a century.

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“When you talk about the Spanish Renaissance houses in LA, there are some good, some very good, and some very good,” Mr. Lavey said. “It’s a big.”

Concealed behind a perimeter wall and towering double doors which Mr. Lavey affectionately referred to as “Jurassic Park” doors, the traditional exterior of the residence is defined by white plaster walls, recessed windows, a balcony. spectacular wooden structure and a red tiled roof. Lush landscaping throughout the property, meanwhile, brings vibrant colors to the enclosed courtyards that blend seamlessly into the spacious interior of the residence.

Inside, the residence retains the traditional design elements of a Spanish Colonial Revival style house with plastered walls, numerous archways, exposed wooden beams, and tiled floors. Moving between rooms, the residence features a unique, flowing layout that Mr. Lavey says was unusual for homes of the time, but used in the residence to host Prohibition-era parties.


Located on nearly half an acre of land in Beverly Hills, the 6,392-square-foot residence features six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and a half-bath.

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Design pedigree

The house was designed in 1926 by famed architect Roy Sheldon Price, who designed homes for some of Hollywood’s most famous silent era filmmakers, including Charlie Chaplin and Thomas Ince. Today, Price’s architecture can be seen in the famous Los Angeles restaurant, République, which was originally built in 1928 for Chaplin as a mixed-use office and commercial space.

Quarter Notes

The residence is located in Beverly Hills Flats, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Located near the Beverly Hills Hotel, the residence is also a short drive from two miles of luxury shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Agent: Eric Lavey, brokerage firm Sotheby’s International Realty Beverly Hills

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