New animated feature from the creators of Ainbo

The world of animated movies is about to have another fierce female protagonist. Animation studio Tunche Films has teamed up with major studio Toonz Media Group to bring to life Kayara, a family adventure against the backdrop of the Inca civilization. The story follows a girl who decides to break glass ceilings and join an elite league populated only by men.

Kayara will be a Hispano-Peruvian co-production, with Caesar Zelada (Together it is possible) attached to lead. Peruvian animation studio Tunche Films has already released a critically acclaimed female-led adventure – they’re the ones who made it Ainbo: the spirit of the Amazon.

The story of Kayara will focus on the Chasqui Messengers, an elite male league of official messengers of the Inca Empire. Kayara will try to become the first female Chasqui Messenger, but of course it won’t be easy – to “earn” her place among the elite, Kayara will embark on a quest with several difficult obstacles. In the meantime, the main character will also reveal secrets and ancient stories of his Inca civilization and culture.


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When we talk about KayaraCEO of Toonz Media Group P. Jayakumar praised fellow studio Tunche Films, revealed his love for history, and celebrated the two studios’ chance to exchange ideas about past culture and civilizations:

“It is, indeed, a privilege for Toonz to partner with Tunche Films for this highly ambitious project which has its roots firmly in ancient, indigenous wisdom and modern, progressive values ​​at the same time. In addition to bringing a strong female character to the screen, Kayara also gives us the unique opportunity to collaborate on a truly international project that brings together teams from diverse cultures around the world.

Carlos Biernpresident of animation production and co-production at Toonz Media Group, added that by Kayara the story is centuries old but can easily resonate with audiences today, and highlighted the importance of having a platform for Spanish-speaking voices:

“Kayara is the story of a heroine who changed the role of women in so many ways. His epic journey follows situations and characters that can be easily identified by today’s audience, even though the story is set 500 years ago. We are very honored to bring it to life in our Spanish-speaking animation industry, in collaboration with award-winning studio Tunche.

by Kayara epic journey will certainly be seen by several different audiences: the film has already been pre-sold to 15 international distributors, including Le Pacte (France), WW Entertainment (Benelux), Praesens (Switzerland), Front Row (Middle East), Rialto Distribution ( Australia/New Zealand) and CDC (Latin America), among others.

The bad news is that we’ll have to wait a while to see this magnificent cultural story in theaters – Toonz Media Group and Tunche Films have planned Kayara for release in 2024.

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