President Nathan Fletcher Delivers 2022 State of the County Address | News

County Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher delivered his second state of the county address during an evening presentation on Tuesday, March 29.

Chairman Fletcher said the area had one of the most effective COVID-19 responses in the nation, the economy is recovering, and overall the county’s condition is strong.

He said the county has made great strides in the past year on regional issues such as homelessness, affordable housing, mental health and more.

Despite the progress, President Fletcher says there is still much to do. He announced a partnership with the city of San Diego and the community to set up a homeless shelter donated by the Lucky Duck Foundation on land in the city’s county by July.

He presented a wide variety of proposals to provide additional help for the homeless, accelerate the construction of affordable housing, address the high cost of child care and implement changes in child protection. , addiction issues, refugee affairs, wildfire safety and more.

The County State Address was an invite-only, limited-capacity event at the Performing Arts Theater at the San Diego Center for Continuing Education Educational Cultural Complex.

The live address was available on social media and on TV. The address has also been translated into American Sign Language, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese.

For more details and additional proposals, see the full address above.

Full text of speech

Edward K. Thompson