Pressure mounts on Spanish government to resolve truckers’ strike –

Many sectors of the Spanish economy are pressuring the government, urging the executive to find a solution to the truckers’ strike, causing roadblocks disrupting supply chains across all sectors, reported EFE, partner of EURACTIV.

Supermarkets, food manufacturers, hoteliers, political parties and trade unions all urged the government on Wednesday to call off strikes that have already lasted 10 days, EFE reported.

The organizers of the strike, the Transport Defense Platform’s small truck owners group, are demanding lower taxes and lighter regulations to improve what they called a “catastrophic” situation for workers. companies.

Faced with this growing pressure, the government has brought forward its meeting with the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC) by one day and is confident that an agreement will be reached at its meeting on Thursday.

The strike poses serious problems for large Spanish agrifood companies such as the canned fish producer Calvo, the sugar company Azucarera, as well as the biscuit producer Cuétara and the Dcoop cooperative specializing in oil and milk.

This week, these companies were forced to halt their manufacturing processes and even temporarily closed their factories due to “lack of supply”. Danone, Estrella Galicia and Heineken have warned that they will have to do so in the near future.

“The situation is untenable,” said Wednesday José María Bonmatí, CEO of Aecoc, the employers’ association which brings together distributors and manufacturers.

Bonmatí also urged the government to “find a solution by any means necessary” to end a strike which, according to industry estimates, is costing Spanish supermarkets alone 130 million euros a day.

Spanish agrifood chain companies speak of a “state problem” that is already generating more tension in its network than when the country was hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Edward K. Thompson