Quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2022

Year ended 31.03.2022 – Autonomous financial results

  • Total revenue from operations at ₹26,655 lakhs
  • EBIDTA at ₹5,607 lakhs
  • Total comprehensive income ₹1,474 lakhs

Mumbai, India, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Specialty Restaurants Ltd, a leading fine-dining restaurant operator in mainland China, Asian cuisine by mainland China, Oh! Kolkata and Sigree-Global Grill, as key brands on a standalone basis, reported total operating income of ₹7,932 lakhs for the fourth quarter of FY22, compared to ₹7,503 lakhs in the corresponding quarter of last year, marking a growth of 5.71% on an annual basis. . EBIDTA and Total Comprehensive Income for the fourth quarter of FY22 were reported at ₹1,592 lakhs and ₹460 lakhs, respectively.

The company’s standalone financial results for the financial year ended reported total operating income of ₹26,655 lakh. EBIDTA and Total Comprehensive Income for the fiscal year were reported at ₹5,607 lakhs and ₹1,474 lakhs, respectively.

The Company’s consolidated financial results for the year ended reported a total operating income of ₹26,655 lakhs. EBIDTA and Total Overall Income for the fiscal year were reported at ₹5,601 lakhs and ₹930 lakhs, respectively.

Commenting on the company’s performance, Mr. Anjan ChatterjeePresident and CEO, Specialty Restaurants Ltd., said, Our lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic and the strategic move to right-size operations over the past two years has turned around the company’s performance in fiscal year 2021-22. Various cost control and business process re-engineering measures have led to cost rationalization which has resulted in benefits for the company.

We continue to focus on cloud kitchen vertical with our established brands for the delivery industry with low capital requirement and better return on investment. Eestablishing cooking in the kitchen of our existing restaurants resulted in sweating of assets thereby improving profitability. As the company is currently debt-free, we will continue to expand and provide best-in-class dining experience and hygienic food delivery to our customers while creating value for all our stakeholders. »

Like the 31st As of March 2022, the company had a total of 80 restaurants (including 11 Cloud Kitchens and 18 franchisees) and 37 confectioneries in 13 cities around the India, 2 in the UAE. The company operated 1 restaurant in London as part of a joint venture.

During the year, the Company launched the “CHOURANGI” restaurant at 3, rue du Vieux-Québec, London W1H 7AF on October 7, 2021. Chourangi is the joint venture of Specialty Restaurants through its subsidiary, in the city of London. He promises to introduce London demanding gourmands to the unexplored cuisine of Kolkata – three centuries old and still evolving, brimming with tastes and flavors never before encountered in this city.

The decor has also been carefully thought out and designed to capture the diversity of the city over the centuries with the iconic ‘Indian cafe’ atmosphere of the Howrah Bridge wall as the gateway to the city, the iconic Tolly Club and Bengal Club or the The Royal Turf Club sets, slatted walls with a mix of jazz and Bengali light instruments in the background to set the mood for discerning diners to soak up the experience.

The culinary offer is a culinary mix of street food and traditional Sahib’s/Mughal cuisine, with subtle French and British influences. His Kolkata cuisine features adventurous new ingredients, flavors and cooking methods intertwined with 300 years of colorful history and stories giving people London an experiential taste of Kolkata.

About specialty restaurants:

Specialty Restaurants is engaged in the operation of restaurants and confectionery with restaurants across India, QatarWATER and UK. The company’s flagship brand is Mainland China and offers authentic Chinese cuisine. In a recent refresh and extension of the brand, the company successfully introduced Asian cuisine by Mainland China whose menu extends to Pan-Asian cuisine. The main brands are Oh! Kolkata offering light Bengali delicacies having a presence of over 25 years, Sigree-Global Grill which offers a blend of fresh grilled flavors from around the world like Mediterranean, Oriental, Spanish, Mexican and Indian cuisine with live grilling on every table .

“Gong – Modern Asian” whose menu extends The sacred Chinese gongs are inscribed with the Mandarin Chinese characters called Tai Loi, which means that happiness has arrived. Gong-Modern Asian takes you to a new level of bliss with its energetic ambience that is a contemporary take on traditional Japanese temple architecture and various Asian flavors prepared using Western cooking techniques and presentations.

“Episode One” is a one-of-a-kind bar and dining space in Powai, Bombay.

“BARishh” is a dynamic and chic place, with stunning decor, a pop of color that rejuvenates and brings a breath of fresh air…sip on house special gin concoctions and celebrate all things millennial with a touch of “ ishh.BARishh.

“RIYASAT” is usually an Arabic word meaning “domain” or “empire”. Steeped in ‘contemporary’ Indian cuisine – Riyasat is a story woven through celebrations and royal victories and is inspired by the state residences of royal families from the 19e century.

The other main brand is Sweet Bengal confectionery with Bengali sweets and snacks. “Dariole” is a specialty restaurant house confectionery chain, with offerings from our master bakers in a state-of-the-art bakery creating a small masterpiece with locally sourced flours and ingredients and its flagship brands are Hoppipola, a bar open all day. contemporary cuisine, appetizers and bar nibbles and Café Mezzuna, an all-day casual dining format serving continental dishes with Mediterranean, Moroccan, Asian and Italian flavors.

The Company’s other restaurant brands include Jungle Safari, Haka and Flame & Grill.

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