Sensual ‘Velvet’ Spanish series in any language

As much of the arts shift to online and streaming platforms, here’s a look at a weekly event:

My choice : “Velvet”

Why: Two years ago I frantically watched a period drama from Spain called “Gran Hotel”, which first aired on Antena 3 in Spain in 2011. If memory serves, I was just done. to watch “Downton Abbey” in frenzy. the same feeling. It is also set at the turn of the century, only in Spanish.

My two semesters of college Spanish weren’t enough to be able to watch without subtitles, but I quickly got into the habit of watching and reading at the same time.

Recently, I wanted to review “Gran Hotel” – with Yon González and Amaia Salamanca – but found out that it left Netflix on January 1st. Searching Netflix gave another result: “Velvet”, another Spanish drama, this one about a house fad in 1950s Spain.

Love, intrigue, jealousy, all in a magnificent art deco setting? You got me “te quiero”.

Turns out there’s a reason I was quickly drawn to “Velvet,” which aired on Antena 3 in Spain for four seasons. It was also the idea of ​​the geniuses behind “Gran Hotel”: Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira.

The pace – both in the plot development and the conversations – is sometimes so fast that I have to go back to catch up, but it’s a beautifully produced drama with well-developed characters, all dressed in a distinctive mid-century fashion. It stars Paula Echevarría and Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who went on to star in “Sense8” and “Narcos”, both on Netflix.

I’m still working on Season 3 and I’m already worried that it will only have four seasons. But luckily, the series produced a spinoff series called “Velvet Colección”. It has two seasons and a made-for-television movie.

I like this. Or maybe I should say: eso me encanta.

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Edward K. Thompson