“Strong Ties in History and Culture”: Guam Celebrates the 124th Independence Day of the Philippines | New

For the first time in two years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in-person rallies kicked off a series of events for the 124th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence and to celebrate historical, cultural ties and strong economies between Guam and the Philippines.

On June 12, 1898, the Philippines declared independence from 333-year-old Spanish rule.

To mark the occasion, a Philippine flag-raising ceremony will be held this morning at the Guam Reef Hotel, attended by Filipino and Guam dignitaries.

Guam and the Philippines experienced Spanish, American and Japanese colonization.

Filipino revolutionaries and heroes were exiled to Guam. Filipinos helped rebuild Guam after the devastation of World War II.

Today, skilled Filipino workers continue to be brought to Guam for ongoing military build-up.

“Over the years, Filipinos have contributed significantly to Guam and made outstanding achievements in various professional fields of government, military service, business, culture, arts, education, and organizations in non-profit,” Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and the Lt. Governor said. Josh Tenorio said in a proclamation declaring June 2022 Philippine Independence Month.

Tenorio, during the Philippine Consulate General’s June 8 reception at the Rihga Royal Laguna Guam Resort ahead of Independence Day, said Guam looked forward to “continuing to celebrate the strong ties in history and culture between the Chamorro people and the people of the Philippines”.

“This link (…) is based on our social ties, on our religious origins, on our common history with colonialism, but also on our history of surviving the destruction of the Second World War”, he said. declared.

The invitation-only reception brought together a crowd dressed in traditional Filipino clothing, the first event of its kind in two years as pandemic restrictions eased.

Among them were Guam government officials and candidates for governor and senator for Guam’s 2022 elections.

Tenorio, flanked by Philippine Consul General Patrick John Hilado and Governor of Negros Occidental Eugenio Jose Lacson of the Philippines, offered three rounds of toasts at the reception.

“Ladies and gentlemen, one of the symbols of a thriving democracy is the execution of successful elections and this year, just a few weeks ago, the people of the Philippines, in an overwhelming term, elected a new president. So my first of three toasts will be to the prosperity of the Filipino people under the new administration of President-elect (Ferdinand “Bongbong”) Marcos. Bravo, Mabuhay,” he said.

Tenorio’s second toast was dedicated to the Filipino people and the third to the people of Guam.

“May the people of Guam and their continued love and friendship for the Filipino people who have chosen to live here, may we continue to live in peace, prosperity and unity. Mabuhay,” he said. .

‘New start’

Prior to the toast, Tenorio shared that GovGuam will co-host with the Filipino community in Guam a Grand Filipino Festival next year to mark the 125th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence.

Hilado, at a proclamation signing in Adelup earlier this month, said the month-long commemoration of the Philippine independence anniversary is a “fitting tribute” to “long and deep ties”. between the two places.

“It’s very difficult to find a place on earth that shares so much history between two communities as the Philippines and Guam,” Hilado said. “We had a common past during the Spanish period, we had a shared experience during World War II, our colonial past with America, and then our desire to promote just and humane societies for our people, between the challenges we are We are neighbors in the Pacific.”

Philippine Consul Ferdinand Flores, Vice Consul Sheila Briones and the President of the Filipino Community of Guam, James Robinson, joined in the signing of the proclamation.

“Rise to the challenge of a fresh start,” the theme of this year’s Philippine Independence Day celebrations, speaks well of the Philippines and Guam’s pandemic recovery and reopening efforts, officials said. .

“We hope that in marking our independence this year, we will invoke the same courage our heroes showed 124 years ago,” Hilado said, “to rise up and meet the challenges thrown at us in our time. current.”

Edward K. Thompson